Bystander or Purposeful?

One of the very first concepts I was introduced to in psychology was the ‘Bystander effect’. A fascinating study that essentially revealed the predisposition to kinda chill when action and help was needed, especially when more peeps were around and the perceived costs outweighed the perceived benefits.

In relation to your potential there’s another slant on this to consider…

“In any great narrative, there is a moment when a character must decide to become more than a bystander. It’s an important moment that always seems to happen in the mind before it unfolds in real life. This choice, though, is always preceded by something deeper, a nagging feeling that there must be more.

This is why when people are called to some great task, they know it. Immediately they recognize the prompting to step up and do something significant, because they have been waiting for it. Before the call comes, we must possess some sense that awakens us to our purpose.

Awareness, then, is what prepares us for the call.

Before you know what your calling is, you must believe that you are called to something. It doesn’t mater if you know what. In order to cultivate awareness, you must be willing to act, to step out and see what happens. And once you are convinced that purpose will not find you, that you will have to go in search of it, you are ready. Until you make this choice, though, you will feel frustrated, seeing people succeed and chalking it up to luck or some unfair advantage. And in doing this, you will deceive yourself.” (Goins)

What are some bystander risks for you today?

What are some purposeful actions you can take instead?



P.s. less fantasizing and talk about what you gonna do and just go do it – even if just a micro action today (far more powerful than words alone).

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