Butterflies of Potential

We've heard of the term and probably experienced the 'butterfly in the tummy' situation right?

Perhaps you've got a 'test' or 'performance' or 'exam' coming up and those little two wingers are there!

Totally normal. We all get that.

You gotta love this take on butterflies from Afremow.

“Remember that FEAR means to ‘Face Everything and Respond.’ To perform at a champion’s level, let the butterflies fly in formation!”

Wow..let 'the butterflies fly in formation'. Beautiful.

So is there any healthy and constructive thing(s) you can do, within your control  before you perform that would help you to be calmer?

A couple of ideas (walking, exercise, deep breathing).

How soon can you do that.

With Arete


p.s many will tell you that even after years, the butterflies don't necesasrily go away (so its up to us to try our best to line them up in formation)

Dr. Afremow is a counselor and sports psychologists based at Arizona State University. He has worked with artists, sporting and business professionals across many disciplines. You can check him out on

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