Building your concentration

One thing I love about the mates and peeps I deliberately hang out with.

The level of focus in our conversations.

Sure we talk about matters lighted hearted, topical and up to speed.

Yet predominantly our conversations centre on being ‘gritty’ and dedicating over the long haul to something bigger than ourselves + the character development and processes required to navigate that.

“If you waste your time reading sensational stories or worthless newspaper items, you excited the impulsive and the emotional faculties, and this means you are weakening your power of concentration.”

~ Theron Q. Dumont

What weakens your ‘power of concentration’?

What strengthens your ‘power of concentration’?

For me too much tv or series watching has me missing the boat completely.

On the other side, what has me focused and keyed in is spending some deliberate and regular time reading.

Whatever your strategies for weakening and strengthening…find em, tweak em and use them accordingly.



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