Build it up daily

I’ve had many a good camping experience.

As the night kicks in or for cooking purposes a good camp fire has been essential.

Here’s the thing about campfires, they go out, and need to be re-lit.

“The human spirit, like a campfire, must be lit again each day. Unlike the spirit, a campfire is easy to observe and understand, because we can step back from it and observe it. After a night of camping, we can emerge from our tents the next morning and notice with satisfaction that the campfire has gone out. We don’t curse the campfire for going out, and we don’t think life is unfair because we have to start another fire again the next night.” (Chandler)

You willing to grab the fire wood today and rebuild that fire?

Day in, day out, to build that fire.

That’s where the momentum is.



P.s besides, think of the great campfire stories you’ll have + the one’s you can reflect on tonight.

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