Bubble Baths

When you are chilling out n relaxing how do you feel?


When you are called to action expectedly or unexpectedly how do you feel?

Here is a cool except written by Aurelius and cited by Brian Johnson at

“When force of circumstance upsets your equanimity, lose no time in recovering your self-control, and do not remain out of tune longer than you can help. Habitual recurrence to the harmony will increase your mastery of it.” (Aurelius).

‘Equanimity = calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.”

If you having a bubble bath or all curled up on the sofa it’s pretty easy to be calm n composed.

But, but, but…wait for it…

When you in a difficult situation can you retain some level of composure?

How cool would it be to recover a sense of self control while under ‘fire’.

A first step is to become aware of how you operate when under pressure. When you last faced a time of difficulty, how did you feel?

What would it take for you to have calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation?

What does a picture of that look like for you?

Imagine being ‘chilled’ but alert and then something unexpected comes along to potentially distract.

Now imagine a future you handling that distraction or difficulty with a quick turnaround time and returning to your reinstated composure.



p.s. bubble baths are cool and so are challenges. Both have a place in your growth and recovery.

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