Block + replace

Blocks. Good ol blocks and deflection whether in martial arts or other activities or sports can be nb so as not to receive the impact.

Sometimes the blocks we need are against the unappealing arguments we self - direct that put ourselves down.

Check this out…

“She taught me to interrupt any negative self-talk the instant I noticed it and replace it by firing off positive self-talk. Things like: I’m fast, I’m focused, I’m good. She always said not to let negative thoughts get in your way. You have to cancel the negativity and feed your self-belief instead. This will improve your concentration, and lower your level of tension, which will help you perform better. Shutting down negative self-talk begins by interrupting it, and then instantly replacing it.” (Gonsalez)

What negative thoughts are getting in your way?

What are alternative positive thoughts to replace those with?

With Arete,


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