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Birthday candle breathing

Recently our three year old was taking his first jump into the pool. There was a combo of fear and excitement on his face.

Hesitantly yet persistently he went for it and took the plunge.

When his head popped up there were a few shallow breaths of fear followed soon after by one deep sigh of relief and a smile.

Easy breaths…it’s a goodie.

Check this…

“The best advice I can give you is to take big, easy breaths when you feel fear. Feel the fear instead of pretending it’s not there. Celebrate it with a big breath, just the way you’d celebrate your birthday by taking a big breath and blowing out all the candles on your cake. Do that, and your fear turns into excitement. Do it more, and your excitement turns into exhilaration. I find it very empowering to know that I’m in charge of the exhilaration I feel as I go through life. I bet you will, too.” Hendricks

Got any ‘candles’ to blow out?

One easy deep breath + a smile out to do it.

With Arete,


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