Big projects

I’m working on a new big project at the moment.

The life span of it?


As I hit that day by day, moment by moment I’m always calculating next key moves to make on it, ultimately towards progress, however incremental.

Check this out…


“Take a moment to think about a big project—painting the living room, losing ten pounds, learning to play an instrument, completing college—and set a reasonable deadline in weeks, months, or years from now. Write the date of the deadline on the top of a page. Then back-time from the deadline and, moving down the page, write in each week or month until you come

to today. Then ask yourself, “When can I start today? On what part will I start?” After you’ve completed at least thirty minutes of uninterrupted work on the project ask yourself, “When can I start again?” You’ve just created a mental image of a project that spreads out into the future, like steps toward your goal, but also returns your mind to the present where your body can release its energy and start working.”

What’s a big project for you?

When can you start today?

What part will you start with?

When can you start again?



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