Bicycles and 'Balance'

Ever heard this saying?

'Life is like riding bicycle, to keep your balance you've got to keep moving' (Einstein).

Speaking of balance, as a kid I remember sitting on my cousins red bike trying to learn to ride with no stabilizers.

She had very kindly lent it to me for the summer while I was staying at my Grandmothers house in Ireland.

The place I decided to learn to ride?

On a slight decline hill!


Cos it gave me a bit of gravity to move.

Only trouble was the ground was a gravel but it did not stop me from going for it.

I remember how I was beginning to get the hang of it and eager to bring the bike to the top of the slight incline n give it.

'Give it' I did and started pedalling ...

I was away and moving I got my balance and from there just got better at riding.

(You were expecting me to say I fell?!)

Here's the thing.

Having a bike stationary is not going to get you riding.

Same with your own sense of balance and potential.

Your gonna learn it in your own way in your own place and time.

Right now what would a balanced day look like for you?

What elements would you need to move towards in your day?

Give it a whirl. You might wobble, fall n all that but you'll ultimately learn how to ride.

It might mean that everyday you are regaining your balance.

You won't be the first n you won't be the last.

Bottom line, you can't keep balanced by remaining still all the time.

Think of the elements that could get you balanced today. Take em for a test drive. 

With Arete


p.s. even if you just pick one

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