Beyond quantifying

Back in the day guess how many times I googled to try and figure out the number of hours it takes to complete a degree, post graduate degree, masters degree?

Too many I lost count!

I was trying to quantify ‘arriving’ + attempting to quantify graduation.

Not so much for graduation itself but to put a number of hours to perceived ‘mastery’ or next levels.

You know how I felt when I finished my honours degree?

The actual day when everything was handed in, done and dusted and all that was left was to wait for graduation?



I felt like there was still more to learn, more to define, more to discover, more to develop.

That was not what I was expecting when I first enrolled.

Here’s perhaps why…

“Is it ten thousand hours or twenty thousand hours to mastery? The answer is that it doesn’t matter. There is no end zone. To think of a number is to live in a conditional future. We’re simply talking about a lot of hours—that to get where we want to go isn’t about brilliance, but continual effort. While that’s not a terribly sexy idea, it should be an encouraging one. Because it means it’s all within reach—for all of us, provided we have the constitution and humbleness to be patient and the fortitude to put in the work.” (Holiday)

Educational milestones are for sure significant and to be celebrated and savoured.

Yet to attach all or nothing to those situations…that somehow the learning has ended is foolhardy.

Yes, you will gain a lot of mastery through the process yet be under no illusion that the journey towards your own mastery has somehow now become automated.

You gotta keep going, creating your own continuous path of potential and learning that extends far beyond any graduation ceremony can offer.

A lifelong learning mindset sets you up better to realize a more unconditional approach to your potential.

Your potential is both linked yet surpasses educational milestones or quantity of hours, whether in the single, double, triple or quadruple digits.

Pursuing your potential as a lifelong deliberation with different terrains…now that’s where it gets real interesting.

Over to you.

Quantify sure…but make digits not the end all and be all.



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