Beyond numbers

During the post grad years I lost count of the number of times I googled and researched to find out how many thousands of hours it would take to embark on the post grad journey.

I was trying to figure a formula and identify a set number of hours that I could neatly divide up into a nice calendar.

On paper it looked fabulous. In practice it was a different story.

While I want to paraphrase the below let me put this in word for word from author Ryan Holiday.

“Is it ten thousand hours or twenty thousand hours to mastery? The answer is that it doesn’t matter. There is no end zone. To think of a number is to live in a conditional future. We’re simply talking about a lot of hours—that to get where we want to go isn’t about brilliance, but continual effort. While that’s not a terribly sexy idea, it should be an encouraging one. Because it means it’s all within reach—for all of us, provided we have the constitution and humbleness to be patient and the fortitude to put in the work...

You are probably going to get to 10,000 hours if not done so already in many areas. But when you do, it’s not the end. There is a whole new season that goes beyond that…

…and then another one.

That’s where you potential always comes in.

It's where you future possibilities live.



p.s. why put a number on your potential anyway?

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