Best + Possible

Have you ever had a mentor or a coach or someone with whom you can share and be stretched by?

It can be a great space to be in.

Yet the key to such a nurturing space is what you do with it afterwards.

Relying alone on such a mentoring relationship ain’t gonna get you there.

It’s how you turn that inspring and challenging space into next key steps repeatedly in a continuous thread.

Check this out…

“It all starts with a dream. People who come to me for help have a dream to go beyond their normal boundaries to do something that is significant and fulfilling, something they will regret not pursuing if they never make the attempt. These are sometimes people whom others would describe as successful, who don’t necessarily have to change anything to have a comfortable existence for the rest of their lives, but who have a hunger to dig deeper and go further with a cherished goal—sometimes a hidden one.

My first question is simple and to the point: ‘What is the best possible outcome of our working together?’ Just using the words ‘best’ and ‘possible’ awakens someone’s senses to the idea that anything can happen, and that whatever that thing is, it can be magnificent. This is when people usually get right to the point and express some large, difficult goal: ‘I want to become an inspirational leader who helps other people find their purpose and bring it to work in a new way,’ ‘I want to stop waiting to be happy and start doing things that will make life more fulfilling,’ ‘I want to change my approach to work so that I can spend more time with my family and friends,’ or ‘I want to become an entrepreneur and control my own future.’” (Miller)

What do you want?

What is a difficult goal that you’d like to achieve?

What would be the outcome?

What is the current challenge?

What is your plan to overcome that challenge?



P.s these set of final questions courtesy of the Woop approach developed by Oettingen.

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