Besides you

I can recall a colleague who was facilitating a group of students on the value of linking the challenges they faced now to future benefits both for them and others they loved and cared for.

Check this…

“Who are you working for besides yourself? Who is depending on you? Who will benefit if you persevere and succeed? Who will suffer if you give up and stop trying? Who can you reach out to and help once you’ve achieved your goals?” (Rohn).

Let’s deconstruct that.

· Who else in your life is going to benefit from the growth in your potential? List them.

· As you grow even more how will others who depend on you benefit?

· What happens if you give up?

· Who else suffers in the process?

· When you’ve achieved a key milestone who else will benefit and how?

Goes a bit deep here doesn’t it?


That’s what it takes …..’depth’ and reflection on the implications of your potential.

Your possibilities have far reaching conclusions for many…even those you are yet to meet.

That’s shared not to scare you but as a call to action.

You’ve totally got this, step by step, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.

Remember, as you deliberately seek to grow there will be more peeps ready to back your corner (if you seek them out).



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