When ‘Batman Begins’ first came out I was wrapping up an honours degree in psychology sharing the year with fellow post graduate friends who were also rocking it in their disciplines.

We had all watched the movie and one evening connected after supper.

Spontaneously a friend said ‘Batman is a ninja!'

I’d since watched the movie repeatedly over the years, particularly the ‘Becoming’ phase when he is in training.


As a reminder of the following some nice subjective lessons:

- Defining, discovering and developing your potential is a journey.

- The pre-journey part of that can be when you find yourself in a ‘prison’ of your own doing fighting inmates on a daily basis whom quite honestly can’t really truly test your capabilities (this was one of the early scenes in the movie).

- The journey into the discovery of your potential may include an odyssey such as navigating treacherous terrain under harsh conditions – such as when Batman (before he was batman) climbed a steep mountain in the snow.

- The arrival at the ‘peak’ of the mountain may not mean the completion of your potential but just the beginning. When your legs want to give out and you feel like you’ve earned it, its perhaps only then that the real ‘ninja’ training is going to begin.

- Just the beginning! Not to worry. Hit the pillow, (or as Batman did, hit the floor after pulling out all of his existing martial arts skills) and know that tomorrow is day 1 of potential time.

- You’ve your own mountains to climb. Your own ‘ninja’ training to do and your own journey to embark on beyond your current realities.



p.s. Day ‘one’ of potential time is everyday (it’s not a once off).

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