Becoming Self - Determined

Got any repetitive behaviors you do that are not necessarily contributing towards your potential?

This ain’t about trying to make you feel guilty at all.

You know you are determined and proactive and all that good stuff.

Check this out from Alter…

“…Self-Determination Theory (SDT). SDT explains that people are naturally proactive,

especially when a behavior activates one of three central human needs: the need to feel in

command of one’s life (autonomy); the need to form solid social bonds with family and friends (relatedness); and the need to feel effective when dealing with the external environment (competence). Though addictive behaviors are designed to soothe psychological discomfort, they also tend to frustrate one or more of these needs. A motivational interview makes that frustration clear: if you’re asked how your Instagram use affects your well-being, you’re going to see that it’s compromising your productivity, your relationships, or both…”

Autonomy + relatedness + competence = Self – Determination.



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