Becoming better + better

One weekend I spent many hours in exploration, research and review mode.


I was examining a potentially new medium to long term goal possiblity and grappling with the details.

Despite the grapple, I kept at the reflections and reviews (with breaks), posing many questions along the way.

A turning point came when I realized that the medium to long term goal details needed only be ironed out with flexibility in relation to only those steps that were reasonably within my control and performance.

The rest? Well, neither here nor there in relation to what I was actually aiming for.

The aim?

‘Further Growth’.

“My goal was never to become the best athlete ever; it was simply to become the best athlete I could be.” - Michael Phelps

Regardless of what goal you set, consider placing strong emphasis internally on how you can become better than a prior version of you.

It does not need to be in an athletic sense either.

Let’s say today your baseline average for studying daily is 21 minutes.

How about growing a bit and notching that up to 22 minutes? That’s improvement.

Keep doing that over time and the minutes, discipline, habit and focus will rack up.

What could you do this month or over the next 30 days that would have you a little bit better than you are now?

How about this year?



P.s the options and discoveries are endless. Pick one that resonates for you.

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