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Becoming a Student of Excellence

What does the word excellence mean to you? If someone close to you expressed just how excellent, outstanding, remarkable and extraordinary you were, what images would that conjure up? Think about three events in the future where it would be very useful to express yourself with excellence. It could be for example, an upcoming test, a presentation or something in a completely different area.

Brainstorm at least three events in which the presence of increased excellence (on your part!) would be highly beneficial.

• Excellence scenario 1:

• Excellence scenario 2:

• Excellence scenario 3:

The fact is you possess outstanding qualities (already!)

Here’s some ‘homework’!

“I am a student of excellence because…..” (This is where you come in to fill in the blank)

You’ve totally got this.

With Arete,


p.s. Remember, you are already outstanding. If other's can see it, so can you.

p.p.s. For bonus marks 'Woop it!' - Check out blog post on this which offers a very useful implementation strategy

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