Becoming a 'Potentialist'

It’s just shy of 5 am here. Across the table from where this is being written is a very inspiring and inspired ‘Student and Leader of Potential’. Let’s call him the ‘Potentialist’ (term coined for the purpose of this blog). While the words on this screen go ‘clickety click’ as this is being typed, the ‘Potentialist’ is busy crushing it in deliberate practice. Right now, he’s doing sets and repetitions of exercises to develop epic speed-reading levels.

‘Are you ‘completely bonkers’ you might say! 5 am in the morning and building a skill like that!’

Here is what is very interesting and very inspiring about this situation. He has already graduated, not once but twice, and is working. Even though it could be quite easy to say he has ‘arrived’, from the way that he is approaching the development of his own potential with focus and commitment, you can see, he is just getting warmed up!

Being a student in the conventional sense will enable you to acquire knowledge and ‘follow’ a course of study. Yet, Becoming a Student of Potential enables you define, discover and develop your potential to a level where you increasingly express your own possibilities.

Remember, ‘There are some subjects that you must define, discover and develop for yourself.’

The acquisition of new skills (that are meaningful to you) + deliberate practice of those skills frequently will take you to places you are yet to discover. Quick plug in – a worthwhile watch on skill acquisition is a book and Ted Talk ( entitled ‘The first 20 hours’.

Okay back to our ‘Potentialist’…For sure, you do not need by any stretch of the imagination to wake up at 5 am. Yet, by every stretch of your own imagination you do wanna consider ‘stretching your own potential’ like the 'Potentialist' here who is totally in the zone.

It does not matter if you are just starting out, already graduated, working, or retired. You’re not done yet, you’re just getting warmed up!

Are you a ‘Potentialist’?!

What will it take to become a 'Potentialist'?

What’s on your Potential List?!

With Arete,


p.s Definition of ‘Potentialist’: A ‘Potentialist’ is someone who perpetually develops their own potential through (i) deliberate practice (ii) the expansion and realization of their own ‘Potential List’.

Think ‘to do list of potential’.

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