Beautiful developments

I’m marveling right now as I look out at the mountain on this beautiful spring morning.

Part of the marvel is the backdrop view, and another part is this beautiful new development I’m watching spring up from the ground.

Behind that development is someone who has blue printed and mapped out all the steps.

Regardless of the season, progress is being made on that development regularly.

Maybe you got some beautiful developments of your own?

Check this out…

“For some, becoming gritty may be an easy transition. For others, it may require more conscious effort. Do you want more grit? Start here:

1. Write out your plan for success.

2. Establish your baseline, set a goal, define a clear path toward that goal.

3. Share the plan. The recipient should be someone who is supportive yet can offer constructive criticism when needed. If necessary, hire a coach.

4. Eliminate distractions. What are your barriers? TV, Internet, video games?

5. Keep a journal of your successes and failures. Remember the days when you would receive a gold star for exceptional performance in grade school? Give yourself a gold star for every success you have during the day.

5. Adjust as needed, as long as it doesn’t diminish or change your original goal. Always work on solutions.

6. Last but not least, don’t give up. Don’t let setbacks become failures. Learn from them and keep moving forward. You must remain committed to your goals.” Sena

Which one of these steps would help you the most right now in the pursuit of your potential?

Imagine doing all of them regularly. How would you feel?



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