Be useful…

What’s your reason for doing exercise?

That selfie?

The show off?

The brag?

The event coming up?

The beach?

And the list goes on…

What may not be on the list is a reason below the surface or perhaps deeper in some way then all of these.

Check this abridged exercpt from Mcdougall…

“Exercise only with the intention to carry out a physical gain or to triumph over competitors,’ Hébert believed, ‘is brutally egoistic.’...

…Hébert, consequently, came up with the strangest mission statement ever devised for getting in shape. He called it Méthode Naturelle—the Natural Method—and it would be ruled by a five-word credo that had zero to do with getting ripped, getting thin, or going for gold. In fact, it had zero to do with ‘getting’ anything; Hébert was heading the opposite direction. ‘Etre fort pour etre utile,’ Hébert declared. ‘Be fit to be useful.’ It was brilliant, really. In those final two words, Hébert came up with a complete philosophy for life. No matter who you are, no matter what you’re seeking or hope to leave behind after your time on the planet—is there any better approach than simply to be useful?”

Beyond the next selfie…consider this…

How does exercise help towards your potential?

Towards the potential of others?



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