Be Rare

It’s so easy to look at other peeps and think it’s a ‘free ride’, easy and effortless all the time.

‘Why not us’ we may think.

‘Why do we got it so difficult?!’

You might be pursuing something pretty big in your life right now, seeking to master it, develop it, discover it.

Whether its education or a project or any other important area(s) - consider this from author


“A few rare individuals refuse to have limited lives. They drive through tremendous amounts of pain—from rejections and failures to shorter moments of embarrassment and anxiety. They also handle the small, tedious pain required for personal discipline, forcing themselves to do things we all know we should do but don’t—like exercising, eating right, and staying organized. Because they avoid nothing, they can pursue their highest aspirations. They seem more alive than the rest of us.”

Instead of compare…

Why not be ‘rare’?

The discomfort you feel as you climb….it’s a good thing.

Means you’re making progress.

No need to go it alone though.

Rare + share minus compare.



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