Be kind to yourself

Being gritty and playing the long game can sound like you gotta be tough and all that açade and hard on yourself.

Yet there is a very important element in playing the long game.

Being kinder on yourself.

Case in point.

I’ve got a buddy across the waters in England at the mo. We’ve partnered for about a year now connecting on the regularly on daily mini steps we can both land in our potential.

It’s great and yet there is a lesson in that.

Sometimes the steps shared are not simply about doing, they are about recovery too.

“If you are trying to reach a specific goal, ask yourself every day: What is one small step I could take toward reaching my goal? Whether you ask your question aloud or in the privacy of your own thoughts, please take a kind tone with yourself, the same you’d use for a beloved friend.”

What’s a specific goal you have?

What’s a small step towards that you can take?

You being kind in your tone to yourself?



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