Be Heard

At a young age I had an ambition to start lecturing.

It was something I really wanted to do. Part drawn towards and also to grow and push myself.

In school I was that student that hated speaking, shyed away from it and got nervous when the teacher started asking questions.

I’d blush and just not be in the most resourceful state.

So at the age of 24 I started lecturing psychology at 8 am.

It was a rough ride (at first) not for any other reason than the fact that I was giving myself initially such a hard time before each lecture.

Nevertheless, I knew that as I cracked on with every lecture I’d get better, feel better and learn to overcome that school ‘blush’ phase.

Well I did overcome and on the way there was an interesting moment.

The lecture theatre had a wireless mic and I’d switch it on each morning and connect the lapelle mic.

One morning I did that and the students started to come in and settle.

As they did I heard this thudding sound. Bu boom, bu boom, bu boom...

“What is that” I thought. The sound was solid and steady.

I realized that the lapelle had dropped down and was picking up my heart beat…

When I realized what it was my heart beat spiked.

I took a deep breath and quietly removed the mic from my chest.

“You’ve got this” I said internally.

I did.

You did.

You do.

No one really noticed the heart palpitations.

They just wanna hear ‘you’.

Be heard.

Nerves or not…

Be heard.

It’s important.



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