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'Be Generous and Warm-Hearted'

Here is the final message from Richard Koch to students across the globe. Enjoy!

"You may be to start with, or you may be less so. Doesn’t matter.

Decide to become generous and to help people you meet along the way, especially if you can identify with them. Because the way to get, is to give. It works in business just as well as it does in life generally. Give and you will receive. That’s it. Very simple. Do it.

And good fortune.

Sean Abrahams is the founder of and author of the Student Potential Series.

Richard Koch is an author and entrepreneur-investor who has a home in Cape Town and visits every year for 2-3 months. If you like this blog post, please follow Richard on Twitter - @RichardKoch8020

(There is a new post from me put up on Twitter every second Tuesday).

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