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Be aware


What does that word mean to ya?

In insurance terms or behavioral terms it does not exactly have the most favourable of connotations.

I understand a liability to mean a risk to your potential, a deal breaker of sorts that once engaged in makes the likelihood of you working towards your potential, slim to zero.

One of my liabilities or deal breakers?

If I take a nap in my bed, its game over, or close to it.

The best way for me to overcome that liability in relation to napping. Don’t even flirt with the bed, let alone step foot in there during the day.

If I wanna nap, I can and there are places where I’m far more likely to open my eyes and stand on my feet in 20 – 22 minutes. The bedroom just ain’t one of those. It’s a liability.

What’s a liability to your potential you got?

Don’t worry, we all got em plus you don’t have to share it with the world. Just work with steadfastness, awareness, compassion ad persistence. And guess what?

You’ll for sure, chisel away.

With arete,


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