Be an achiever of worthy goals

I’ve been really fortunate to be exposed to and deliberately expose myself to hundreds upon hundreds of students who are flourishing and just totally kicking it.

By that I mean those ‘students’ that have not only dedicated themselves to formal study but study far beyond the classroom + put it into something meaningful and better.

When you engage with someone like this you immediately can tell. They’re playing towards something bigger, growing towards something greater and in every moment making deliberate choices towards their potential.

“The most valuable thing you can ever own is your image of yourself as a winner in the great game of life, as a contributor to the betterment of humankind, as an achiever of worthy goals. Unless you have that image of yourself, nothing worth having will stay with you for long.” (Hopkins)

Sure go after those goals that offer you something for you, yet remember those lofty goals that include and yet go beyond you too.

That’s where the traction is.



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