Got something that presents a barrier to you?

Something that if in front of you basically means it’s game over and distractions kick in etc?

How about a trip to your own ‘great barrier reef’?

Check this cool excerpt from Duke, author of ‘Thinking in Bets’.

“A Ulysses Contract, Duke explains, is a ‘barrier’ you erect against your own ‘irrational behavior’. If you fear overeating, for example, you could contract with yourself not to wait for a friend at the food court of a mall, but to wait somewhere else instead. That is a ‘barrier-inducing’ contract. A ‘barrier – reducing’ contract would be to carry healthy snacks with you, so if you have to eat, you will not ingest unhealthy or empty calories. You can apply a Ulysses Contract to many situations, including not betting on a poor hand – in life or poker.”

Barrier inducing = avoid it

Barrier reducing = bring in something to help eliminate

Try both!



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