Avoid or Toward?

One morning my alarm went off before 3.30 am. I had set the night before prior to going to bed early.

When I awoke, I could clearly feel the resistance that almost automatically kicked in, arguing internally for all the reasons why staying in a warm bed, tucked away in comfort zone was far better.

Fast forward a few hours later and I could rattle off to you all the reasons why getting up in that decisive moment was so important that day and every day before and after.

I’d made the choice to deliberately push past my comfort zone and this was one of the ways I had chosen to do that.

Let’s first clear something up. This is not a message about getting up before everyone else.

This is more about how it’s easy prior to a commitment to make a decision and plan but when the bell goes for round one do you really step into the ‘ring’?

When my alarm goes off, as much as there are those initial and at times automatic ‘reasons against my potential’ I kinda of enjoy the challenge.

I enjoy listening to and ignoring the moany part of me that wants to keep warm, sleep in late and procrastinate. I enjoy listening to that and yet I don’t really pay attention to it so much. Why? I’ve come to enjoy wrestling with it and outplay with very strong reasons why + habituation over time.

Here’s where Phil Stutz calls it ‘The Reversal of Desire’.

“Let’s imagine what this might look like: Close your eyes and use the Reversal of Desire on something you normally avoid. Feel yourself starting to move forward. Now see those around you, inspired by your forward motion, using the tool on whatever they’re avoiding. See millions of people embracing pain and as a result, moving forward in their lives. How does the society you’re imagining look different from the one we have now? When millions of individuals stop avoiding and start moving forward, there are no social problems they cannot solve. It’s only a society that embraces pain that will lead the way for the rest of the world…”

I’ve come to learn through repetition how to embrace those initial resistant thoughts and feelings and act like a person waking up anyway.

And guess what? I kinda now enjoy it + never ever have a time where I regret having pushed past a 'comfort zone'.

Think of an area where you are perhaps avoiding. Imagine what a scenario would look like on a regularly basis if instead of avoiding, you leaned in and embraced it.

Whatever it is…with enough tenacity and persistent attempts (even if you stumble along the way) you can definitely get better at ‘avoiding avoiding’. Not a typo here! You can get better at moving towards instead of away from what you find, think or feel is difficult.

That’s where a lot of potential can happen.



p.s. It’s a life-long reflective and learning process.

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