Automating = Habits

“Minimize energy usage to maximize performance.” (David Rock).

This may sound a bit counter intuitive but there is a bit of science behind it.

Here is how David Rock describes a part of your brain that helps with this…

“The basal ganglia are highly efficient at executing patterns. Use this resource every way you can. Once you repeat a pattern often enough, the basal ganglia can drive the process, freeing up the stage for new functions. Develop routines that can be repeated over and over again: How you call people. How you open up a document, how you delete emails, how you schedule your time. The more you use a pattern, the less attention you will need to pay to doing this task, and the more you will be able to do at one time. While doing this process is obviously not possible with higher-order tasks such as writing a letter, you might be surprised how much can be embedded.”

What’s one routine towards your potential you’d love to habituate?

All you gotta do is repeat a mini – routine version of that repeatedly (daily) + incrementally grow it and you’ll be well on your way to literally ‘automating’ it.



p.s. Basal Ganglia = “a group of structures linked to the thalamus in the base of the brain and involved in coordination of movement”.

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