Attend to you

“You can’t achieve primary greatness by neglecting yourself…”

That comes from Covey.

As you continue to rock your potential it’s really important you give yourself regular time to re-group and recover.

Check this out further from Covey…

Many years ago, I began teaching the principle of daily and weekly renewal to students and business managers….Abraham Lincoln said, ‘If I had two hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first hour sharpening my ax.’ There are many versions of this quotation, but the principle holds true. Such wisdom may be axiomatic, and yet we see many people who are so busy sawing (working, producing, performing, doing) that they never (or very seldom) stop to sharpen the saw (rest, recreate, study, prepare, reflect, rethink, retool, revitalize); nor do they invest in a new, high-technology power saw. Instead, they work with ineffective tools: poor social skills and a dull mind, dissipated body, ....”

Do you need some time to recuperate?

Take it.




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