Asking a future you...

Imagine your standing in front of a closed door. Behind the door is a future you that represents all the possibilities and potential you seek currently.

Imagine you open that door and there looking at you is that future you smiling.

You ask your future you one word.


Your future you smiles and with one word answers…


“And this, more than anything else, is the lesson that people should take away from all these stories and all this research: There is no reason not to follow your dream. Deliberate practice can open the door to a world of possibilities that you may have been convinced were out of reach. Open that door.” ~ Anders Ericsson

So then.

Deliberate practice.

Intentionality in action.

That’s the name of the game.

You going after a degree?

Deliberate practice in your studies.

You going after a business.

Deliberate practice towards the growth of your business.

Whatever it is. Practice…deliberately.

What’s the goal for you?

What does deliberate practice look like towards that goal?

With Arete


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