Ask difficult questions

There are a range of questions we ask ourselves internally all of the time.

Some of em include those related to for e.g. in the moment, the day, the past, and some of em related to the future.

How many deliberate questions do you pose to yourself about what you are capable of?

Check this out…

“It means asking the questions that are hard to answer: Where am I going? Why am I going there? What do I really want, and why do I want it? Am I gradually realizing my potential? Am I discovering my best talents and abilities and using them to their fullest? Am I living fully extended in my one chance at life on earth? Am I really living? Who am I?

These are the questions everyone must ask and answer... So the person who knows what they want- knows what they must become, and then fixes their attention on the preparation and development of themselves.. As they grow toward the ideal they hold in their mind, they find interest, zest and joy on the journey. They look forward to tomorrow, but also enjoy today, for it is the tomorrow they looked forward to yesterday. They know that if they cannot find meaning and value in the present, they will very likely be missing it in their future. Today is the future of five years ago. Are you enjoying it as much as you thought you would? Have you progressed to the point you wanted then to reach? These are the questions that make us think.” Nightingale

The questions you ask yourself are not meant to create doubt.

They serve to open the doors to what you are capable of.

Keep questioning.



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