As if plans

Pofessor Oettingen, developer of the Woop strategy says it’s not enough to wish.

You gotta wish, see the outcome, the obstacle and plan to overcome the obstacle.

That’s where the acronym comes in w.o.o.p standing for wish, outcome, obstacle, plan.

When you come up against the obstacle you precommitt and kind approach it like this…

‘If I experience this obstacle or scenario then I’ll do that..’

For example…

If I miss a gym session in the morning, then I’ll go at lunchtime.

If I walk into the kitchen, then I’ll drink a glass of water.

If I open my text book then I’ll study for at least 15 minutes.

If I enter the boardroom then I’ll focus on deep work only.

“Agreeing to an ‘if-then’ contract with yourself also triples your chances of accomplishing tough goals.” ~ Caroline Adams Miller

What’s an ‘if then’ scenario for you today?



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