'As Big as the Sky'

As a kid we would be asked this question alot by our very loving Irish Mother!

"How much do you love your Mammy?"

Response (with arms wide open from us...)

"As big as the sky!"

I always remember looking up at a blue sky and clouds when we said that.

Reminds me of what Professor Frederickson, and author of Love 2.0 calls "Micro Moments."

Here is what she says:

"Love is that micro - moment of warmth and connection that you share with another living being."

Had any of those recently?

Frederickson says they are all around us and can contribute towards our well - being.

They need not necessarily involve immediate family, friends and relationships (although of course they can).

I can recall this morning a couple of those including:

- sharing a laugh with a shopkeeper

- greeting a 'stranger'

- having a reflective conversation with a close friend

- hugging and tickling my little kids many more.

What micro - moments have you experienced recently? (If it helps write them down).

More micro moments, MORE POTENTIAL.

with ARETE,


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