Appreciation x 1000

For several years now I’ve been playing around with different practices of appreciation, having read up extensively on the research and literature that links appreciation and gratitude to different outcomes.

There are many different ways to track, record, write, experience and note what you appreciate and its worth the discovery in the myriad of ways that you could come at it.

Professor Emmons for example who has researched Gratitude extensively has some very interesting pointers to say the least.

Based on research, here’s one of his views:

“Gratitude is fertilizer for the mind, spreading connections and improving its function in nearly every realm of experience.”

A sort of journal that I started writing several years ago was this. I’d simply write down one moment (or as I call it a ‘wonder’) that was cool from the day prior. It would be anything including my favourite moment of the day, a funny experience, a learning…anything really.

I’d aim for just one and describe it a little bit.

1 per day x days of the week = 7. At the end of the week I’d have at least seven of those.

I’d review them each week and then share them as ‘wonders of the week’ with my family who are based all over the world – so a nice way to share.

There is a line from the Enchiridion which resonates with this form of journaling:

“Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish; but wish the things which happen as they are, and you will have a tranquil flow of life.”

In all of those journal entries and based on one simple note of appreciation each day, I’ve got thousands upon thousands of micro moments, macro moments, ‘funnies’, lessons, learnings and more in those ‘wonders’.

There is tremendous value in reflective practice in whatever form you decide to cultivate.

Taking the time to develop your own thinking even more.

Like you, this one could be a winner.



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