I’ve had a lot of fun over the years playing with the concepts and application of David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ principle in the book by the same name.

One of many insights learnt from that total immersion is this:

In the end it’s really up to you to refine your own approach.

Here though is an excerpt that is useful as a quick take away process that you can apply to something you have now:

“You can try it for yourself right now if you like. Choose one project that is new or stuck or that could simply use some improvement. Think of your purpose. Think of what a successful outcome would look like: where would you be physically, financially, in terms of reputation, or whatever? Brainstorm potential steps. Organize your ideas. Decide on next actions. Are you any clearer about where you want to go and how to get there?” (David Allen)

Different authors write about this, different apps offer this.

I myself have countless of productivity apps across different devices and had it wrong for a while approaching productive as in an ‘outside in’ process.

Not afraid to say I was under the illusion that somehow the ‘app’ was going to make me more productive.


It needed to be an inside out process.

The app or any form of a ‘Getting things done’ (GTD) system is a tool.

What will make you more productive?


Try out systems, definitely, see what works and what doesn’t. Give each one a fair go with a continuous string of mini wins + feedback and then…

Settle down on at least one key productivity principle (discovered by another or developed by you) that you are willing to commit to each day.



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