An optimal day

I’ve got a bit of a theory.

I don’t think it’s possible nor safe or realistic to push possibilities 24/7.

I do though think that you can keep incrementally stretching and deliberately grow, such that what you currently find a stretch is something you are going to inevitably master as you keep showing up.

“The human individual lives usually far within their limits; they possess powers of various sorts which they habitually fail to use. They energize below their maximum, and they behave below their optimum . . . the habit of inferiority to our full self— that is bad.” ~ William James

Are you operating within a limit that you know you can push a little bit more?

Do you see the potential you got yet not perhaps using fully?

What would an optimal day look like for you today such that you could repeat it tommorrow and get a little bit better?



P.s no need to go all out on day one. Just keep consistently showing up and build it up.

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