An hour to chat

If I had only an hour with ya today this is what I’d share based on many authors and viewpoints out there.

- DON’T give up

- Always find a way

- Think big + act on small steps over and over again

- Laugh lots

- Appreciate

- Move, move, move

- Be open to learning always

- Think of challenges as a means to become epically stronger

- When in a situation that challenges ask – who does this summon me to be right now?

- If you got a dream, work towards it one step at a time, even if in parallel fields

- If you struggling with something, you ain’t alone + think how you could overcome the obstacle

- Practice, practice, practice more than anyone in your field

- Look at ways to get a daily edge – e.g. go to be earlier and wake up earlier

- Drink lots of water

- Connect with friends on your wavelength of growth

- Hang out with high performing or aspirational peeps like you as much as you can

- Read, read, read

- Smile, smile, smile

- Hug

- Reflect

- Relax

- Define, discover and develop your own potential (not someone’s version of that for you)

- Talk less about what you gonna do and just go do it – then chat

- Talk less about other peeps lives and work on developing and expanding your own

- If you get tired rest and recoup, then get back to it

- Find ways to heighten your concentration and focus

- Eliminate distractions as far as possible, especially when in deep work mode

- Have boundaries on your space and time – as in know when you are at your best and rock it

- Ignore the voice that wants you to stay in bed – it will pass in a few minutes of waking up and getting up

- Know you are never done. You just go to new levels where more growth and quests of potential are



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