Allies in Potential

There is nothing quite as sweet as sharing in, being exposed to and celebrating the wins, achievements and milestones of those around you. In fact, this is one of the qualities of a Growth Mindset (check out Carol Dweck research).

A message recently came through from a close friend and colleague who quite simply wrote …”handed the PhD in this morning”.Those simple yet powerful words represented (amongst many other elements) the realization of thousands of hours of dedication and discipline towards a significant moment in learning.

As Dweck says “Important achievements require a clear focus, all-out effort, and a bottomless trunk full of strategies. Plus, allies in learning”.

Ah yes, ‘allies in learning’.

As you continue to realize some of your many important achievements ahead, consider this:

1. Who are your ‘allies in learning?’

2. Who are your allies in potential?

They may be far closer than you think. Known and unknown. Met and yet to be met.

With Arete,


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