All seasons

As you continue to embark on your journey of potential an incremental approach is a realistic way to continually improve.

Through an incremental approach you add one step at a time …. consistently.

Incremental alone ain’t gonna cut it…

Of course, you gonna have to have repeated times when you put yourself out there and test your training in reality.

When you do, be prepared for times when you ‘win’ and times when you’ll need to make a come back regardless of the result.

Check this out from Waitzkin…

“…it is essential to have a liberating incremental approach that allows for times

when you are not in a peak performance state. We must take responsibility for ourselves, and not expect the rest of the world to understand what it takes to become the best that we can become. Great ones are willing to get burned time and again as they sharpen their swords in the fire. Consider Michael Jordan. It is common knowledge that Jordan made more last-minute shots to win the game for his team than any other player in the history of the NBA. What is not so well known, is that Jordan also missed more last-minute shots to lose the game for his team than any other player in the history of the game. What made him the greatest was not perfection, but a willingness to put himself on the line as a way of life. Did he suffer all those nights when he sent twenty thousand Bulls fans home heartbroken? Of course. But he was willing to look bad on the road to basketball immortality.”

Balling may not be your game and it does not necessarily need to be.

The point here.

Keep training + be willing to take shots whether they land or not.

Perfectionism is not the aim of the game.

Showing up is…under all seasons.

Get the umbrella ready + the sunglasses too.



p.s. don’t forget the scarf + t-shirt. They may come in handy has you navigate the different terrains that meet, greet, bat and got bowled over by your potential.

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