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Regardless of the device, how many times per day do you check if messages have come through?

Check this out from Alter…

“How long do you think the average office email goes unread? I guessed ten minutes. The truth is just six seconds. In reality, 70 percent of office emails are read within six seconds of arriving. Six seconds is less time than it’s taken you to read this paragraph so far, but it’s long enough for the average worker to disrupt whatever he’s doing to open his email program and click on the incoming email. This is hugely disruptive: by one estimate, it takes up to twenty-five minutes to become re-immersed in an interrupted task. If you open up just twenty-five emails a day, evenly spaced across the day, you’ll spend literally no time in the zone of maximum productivity.”

Perhaps your work demands this and perhaps not.

Are there elements of your potential that could do with that extra time in total immersion?

If so what?

What do you think you could do to unplug a little from any form of messages to go deep on your own development?

List a few actions you could take before hitting an all in session totally immersed and totally focused.



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