Alert + Sharp

During my early days of regular exercise I used to typically train in the evenings.

When I went to University I’d train in the afternoons.

After I finished University I trained again in the evenings.

Since having children, I train in the mornings first things first.

The reason for this shift in training pattern over time is not so much responsibilities or different schedules but a shared view point with Kelly McGonigal.

I want to get my will power activated as quickly as possible and one of those ways I’ve found to strengthen that is a young workout in the morning!

Check this out from McGonigal…

“Exercise turns out to be the closest thing to a wonder drug that self-control scientists have discovered. For starters, the willpower benefits of exercise are immediate…The long-term effects of exercise are even more impressive. It not only relieves ordinary, everyday stress, but it’s as powerful an antidepressant as Prozac. Working out also enhances the biology of self-control by increasing baseline heart rate variability and training the brain….Physical exercise…makes your brain bigger and faster...”

Don’t matter what form of exercise or physical activity it is, no need for a gym membership or special equipment. Just get moving in some way shape or form, not for anything else but simply to get you more alert and sharp.

Even just 10 seconds a day at first.

Start ridiculously small and then add a second, or a few, or a minute over time and watch this spill over into your potential even more.



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