Affirming You (by you)

How often in a day do you congratulate or affirm you?!

"Thinking - like eating - is something we all do. In fact, we are all constantly thinking. But as with eating, there are both healthy and unhealthy habits."

(From 'Open to Think' by Dan Pontefract)

Q. What is your current number one most healthy habit (that you already do on the regular) that contributes towards your well - being?

Call it.

Try checking in with you and honour this as much as you can.

Consider too pairing a simple existing habit like brushing your teeth with an affirming statement about you that builds you up.

Q. What personal, positive and present statement about you could you repeat on a daily basis?

Not sure? Cool. Check out what other high performers say.

Have fun with this.

More 'go to good habits' = More Potential.

with ARETE,


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