Activities that work

Think about your potential.

What are the activities you currently do that speak to your potential? Those activities that make you feel inspired and move you even just a further step towards it?

Might be listening to inspiring music as you ‘study’.

Might be that quiet Friday afternoon to plan the week ahead.

Think about this carefully.

Consider this from Richard Koch…

“Whenever you spot a 20 percent activity, run to it, surround yourself with it, immerse yourself in it, patent it, make yourself its expert…and indispensable ally. Make the most of it. If the most appears to be more than you can imagine, multiply your imagination.”


Think about ideas you have or had that totally worked. As in, led or could lead to some epic results…

That’s leverage.



p.s. only through your own self testing are you going to be able to identify what really works for you.

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