Acting with courage

It’s really tempting to grasp or attempt to plan with 100% certainty every scenario or minute of the day and think and expect it to go according to our plans or calendars.

Yet the trouble with that is it does not leave room for the unknown.

There are gonna be times when the play ahead requires acting with courage before knowing where the chips are gonna fall.

Acting even with the fear present and the volume on courage cranked up is a very powerful way to engage.

Check this …

“Victims become passive when they can’t find faith, or confidence, or courage to do something. Then they tell themselves they don’t have the power to do it. Owners know that faith and courage only appear later in reflection. Action comes first. Action comes before the courage to act. Faith and courage are rewards—not requirements—for action. The power to do something often shows up halfway into the doing of the thing, not up front. ‘Do the thing,’ said Ralph Waldo Emerson,’ and you shall have the power.’” ~ Steve Chandler

What gives you courage?

Imagine acting with courage...what’s happening?

With Arete,


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