A world of reading

Ever thought about some good ‘go to’ strategies for reading?

In ‘How to read a book’ by Adler and Van Doren some excellent points are raised.

Check this:

“In tackling a difficult book for the first time, read it through without ever stopping to look up or ponder the things you do not understand right away.”

Just how exactly would you go about improving your reading strategies?

Great question!

When it comes to reading a book with a deeper level of analysis here are some key questions from Adler and Van Doren…

1. “What is the book about as a whole?”

2. “What is being said in detail, and how?”

3. “Is the book true, in whole or part?”

4. “What of it?” - “You agree with the author”/ “You don’t agree” / “You suspend judgement”.

“We must become a nation of truly competent readers.” (Adler and Van Doren)

I’d say that word ‘nation’ needs to be replaced with the word ‘world’.

All starts with you though.

More reading = more potential.



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