A tick box of wins

Imagine an entire tick box of wins for the year.

You just keep winning, day after day.

Here’s the thing.

You can.

Could start off with something as simple as drinking a tea spoon of water per day. No jokes. I’ve done that in order to get to 2 litres of water minimum daily. Imagine stringing a bunch of those mini habits together over time + adding to em.

You know what would happen?

Your potential would start to come through more and more.

Imagine then as an example – one tea spoon of water a day, one pressup, one deep breath, one page of a book.


Now imagine each week you add to that just a little, one becomes two, two becomes four and before you know it what was once a tiny little action possiblity has now become an epic part of your day.

Let’s work that backwards.

Let’s say in your world of possibilities reading a lot of books is a goal you have in mind. There are a lot of ways of coming at this and it depends on your current stamina and habit of reading + interest.

Keeping with that. Let’s say your starting from zero.

You’d just start with opening the book for the day – repeat a few times


Reading one line – repeat a few times

Reading two lines – repeat a few times

You get the idea. You can backward design this too from say wanting to read 30 pages per day and working it backwards.

If you willing to play the long game on a habit + build it up slowly but surely you’ll be amazed at what you can take on.



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