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A strong mind = a concentrated mind

I’ve worked with countless colleagues with varying levels of concentration. The one’s I love to collaborate and work with are the one’s that can hone in, zone in and keep focused on the subject at hand.

The same goes for students and student leaders. The most formidable amongst them?

The one’s that can lean into a subject, keep heightened focus and generate and test solutions to their penultimate conclusion.

“To be able to concentrate you must possess strength of mind. The person who is feeble-minded cannot concentrate his mind, because of lack of will. The mind that cannot center itself on a special subject, or thought, is weak; also the mind that cannot draw itself from a subject or thought is weak. But the person who can center his mind on any problem, no matter what it is and remove any unharmonious impressions has strength of mind. Concentration, first last and all the time, means strength of mind.”

What do you need to do to develop a stronger mind…that is a concentrated mind?

A strong mind = a concentrated mind.



P.s. you can develop it, even if incrementally, day by day.

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