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A scientific approach to your potential

How familiar are you with the scientific method?

I remember first writing up a project using the scientific approach in A – Level Psychology at the age of 17.

Little did I know (at the time) that the systematic approach behind that method could be applied to your own potential too.

Check this out…

“Science is simple. Sure, some of it—particle accelerators, astrophysics, photon torpedoes—can be a little tricky. But the scientific method itself is straight forward:

1. OBSERVE what’s going on.

2. GUESS why things are happening the way they are.

3. EXPERIMENT to test your hypothesis.

4. MEASURE the results and decide whether you were right.

That’s pretty much it. The scientific know-how behind everything from WD-40 to the Hubble space telescope all came from following those four steps.” (Knapp)

What part of your potential do you want to observe? (Might be a goal, behavior, habit…you call it!)

What’s your guess for the way your current potential is?

What’s an experiment you could run to positively influence your potential + for how long do you wanna run the ‘experiment’ (e.g, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months)?

What’s a way for you to measure the results and what result would you need to see in order to see improvement?



P.s. a simple one I did recently…

Observed my heart beat to get a Beats Per minute average (BPM)

Guessed that if I did deep breathing for a min, that beats per minute would drop

Experimented by doing one minute of deep breathing

Measured my heart rate after to see if it had dropped

P.p.s you could apply this to some many areas for yourself if you want.

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