A physiological switch

Looking for a physiological switch to increase calm?

Try shifting from mouth to nose breathing.

Check this out from Mckeown…

“…first step is to go back to basics and learn to breathe through the nose both day and night. As any child is aware, our nose is made for breathing, the mouth for eating. You were born breathing through your nose, and it has been our primary conduit for breathing for hundreds of thousands of years....

…It is for this reason that mouth breathing is synonymous with emergency, activating the same fight-or-flight response that our ancestors experienced but these days usually without the accompanying physical exercise to allow our operating systems to revert to normal.”

You can picture the difference between nose and mouth breathing in the way your inhales and how to reflects in your body…

“Upper-chest breathing is more likely to be associated with a stress response, while nasal breathing helps ensure regular, calm, steady breathing using the diaphragm.” (Mckeown).

Give it a whirl and see how it feels, even if you only kickstart for a couple of seconds or just one nasal breath.



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